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The Dark Dreaming has arrived!!

Furcadia is the premier Social MMO. Created from players' dreams, millions have already enjoyed it. Now we're making it better! After a successful Kickstarter and the Light Dreaming appeal which raised $170,000, we're hoping to take it even further and unlock the 32-bit Windows Client, with your continued support! Help us reach our funding targets and goals and unlock awesome rewards and bonuses to use in-game - including exclusive features never before available!

You can hear all about it in our Video Presentation, have a look at the original Kickstarter appeal or check out our Market to see what rewards you can get!

Kickstarter: Update #2

Playtester Forum and Angelcat Tags!

Our official Playtesters forum is now up! If your character name is showing on our AngelCats page at the $30 level or above, then you should be able to access our Kickstarter Backers Forum right now! We'll be posting interesting bits of development info and sneak peeks there.

IMPORTANT: Be sure and email us your character name(s) and other reward info, instructions are in our Update 1. (Click Updates on the Kickstarter page to read it.) If you’ve already emailed us and we haven’t got you set up yet, we will soon!

Also sometime tomorrow, everyone from $5 Cookie Collector on up will have their AngelCat desctag in the game, too! We hope you’ll enjoy these early rewards while you’re waiting for the rest!

Here’s some interesting info from our Dashboard. Can you guess what our top 5 most popular reward levels are so far? Well, in reverse order, they are:

5. Kitterdust Enchanter - the only magical power on our list, not surprising it's here.

4. AngelCat - a beautiful avatar you can only get through this Kickstarter.

3. Scholarly Scribe - the most affordable way to make a permanent part of the game.

2. PlayTester - we’re glad a lot of people wanted to get to see our work as it’s made!

And the number 1 most popular reward level is:

1. ArchangelCat! Our Kickstarter exclusive avatar gets the number 1 and 4 spots, and more people wanted to make sure they’d have it forever rather than just for a year. This is bound to be a valuable collector’s item, since however many there are in these 30 days, that’s it - there won’t be any more given out again!

One last tidbit of news - you can now reach our Kickstarter page at as well as the direct URL. Thanks again for your support, and we hope you have a great weekend!


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